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An Ancient Egyptian Love Charm

Hail to you, Re-Horakhty, father of the gods! 

Hail to you, Seven Hathors, who are adorned in bands of red linen!

Hail to you, gods, lords of heaven and earth!

Come, <make> so-and-so born of so-and-so come after me like a cow after fodder; like a servant after her children; like a herdsman (after) his herd. 

If they do not cause her to come after me, I will set <fire to> Busiris and burn up <Osiris>. 

O.Deir el Medina 1057 

New Kingdom

Ramesside Period

Love charms are usually only found during the Ptolemaic period and this is the only example which survives from Pharaonic Egypt. The Seven Hathors which the person invokes here are also associated with childbirth. They determined the fate of the child and were often called upon to protect it. 

The threats to the gods here, although they seem pretty blasphemous to our modern ears, are perfectly normal threats for the Ancient Egyptians in their magical and ritual texts. 

The phrases “so-and-so” would be replaced with the desired recipients name and their parents name.

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