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Hey guys! 

We’re opening Suggestion Sunday/Solve it Sunday for a couple of hours (until 7pm BST or whatever the equivalent is in your time zone but roughly 2 1/2 hours from now) so please feel free to ask away! We’re sorry it’s been such a long time since we’ve done this but admin have had academic commitments and personal problems which have prevented us from being available.

If you don’t want to us to know/publish your url then please either use anon or ask us specifically not to publish your question and we’ll respect that. Otherwise the questions will be published like usual (unless we’re overwhelmed, in which case some of you may get private responses)

Our ask box is here, and as always please remember that we deal with any history (this includes Pre-History) up until AD 500.  

Happy Inboxing!


  1. greywindsor said: What do you know about deified Roman empresses? I know the emperors were (for the most part) ‘automatically’ deified upon their deaths, but what about their wives?
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