KV 9, known to the Romans as the tomb of Memnon, is located off the main wadi of the Valley of the Kings and consists of an entryway ramp, three corridors followed by a chamber, a pillared chamber with central descent, two lower corridors, another chamber, a vaulted burial chamber, and another chamber at the rear.

The tomb is decorated in painted, sunk relief with scenes from the Book of Gates, Book of Caverns, Book of the Heavenly Cow, Book of the Dead, Imydwat (or Amduat) , Book of the Day, Book of the Night, Book of the Earth, the deceased with deities, astronomical scenes, the resurrection of Osiris, deities, and enigmatic compositions.

Nearly a thousand graffiti in Greek, Latin, and Coptic are written over the scenes. The some gate jambs were originally inscribed for Rameses V but were re-carved by Rameses VI. These areas and the remaining chambers were finally inscribed for Rameses VI. When the lower corridors and chambers were being cut, workmen accidentally broke into the rear chamber of KV 12. KV 9 is well-preserved.

The decoration from the entrance as far as the well-room was done for Rameses V but it is not known for certain whether the pharaoh, who ruled for only four years, was ever buried in the tomb. It was completed by his successor Rameses VI whose sarcophagus fragments were found in the burial chamber. The great amount of graffiti in the tomb shows that it has been open since antiquity. Papyrus Mayer B records thefts in KV 9, and a graffito dated to regnal year 9 of Rameses IX on the ceiling of the burial chamber J may refer to the inspection of the tomb after it was reported robbed.

There is a pit in the floor of burial chamber J, which was never finished. Pilasters in the rear wall of the burial chamber are unfinished pillar cuttings, and wide platforms represent the unfinished cutting of the central sunken floor. 

(Source: thebanmappingproject.com)


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