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Ancient Peoples FAQ

How many people run this blog? 

As it stands we have 9 admins, 6 of which are regularly contributing to the queue and long posts. 

Do you guys have any qualifications? 

Four of us hold MAs, two admin are working towards an MA, three admins are doing their UG degrees, and two admin are working towards PhDs in their respective fields. All degrees cover subjects such as Egyptology, Ancient History, and Archaeology. 

Are you associated with any academic institutions/museums?

Apart from the institutions we study at we are not affiliated with any Academic institution/museum. This blog is run out of a love of Ancient History and a desire to share it with the world.

What time period do you cover?

We cover 3000 BC - AD 500 mainly but will also do Pre-History.

What subjects do you know the most about?

Our main areas of expertise are in Egyptology, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome, but we are by no means limited to them. While our expertise are in fields associated with Ancient Europe we try and research a wide range of Ancient cultures, such as Ancient China, and the Ancient Maya, so that we provide as diverse a view of the Ancient World as possible. 

Where are the admins from?

We’re a group of people from the UK, US, and the Netherlands who found each other through mutual interests on Tumblr (though some of us know each other outside of Tumblr too). 

Do the admins have personal blogs?

We all have our personal blogs on Tumblr but we keep them private as a rule. If you happen to find one of our personal blogs while you’re on Tumblr then please feel free to follow us!

You’ve done that object before!

Yes, sometimes objects that we’ve done before may be posted. We have many admins and we can’t possibly remember every single object we’ve put in the queue before. Please enjoy them anyway!

Why hasn’t my question been answered yet?

There are a variety of reasons why a question may not have been answered. We try and answer all questions, though some do get lost in the Tumblr ethos, even if we don’t know the answer. It’s part of our policy to let people know whether we can or cannot answer their question as it’s common courtesy. Sometimes it’s down to the fact that we require an admin with a particular speciality to go and research said question, or to just appear online to be able to answer it. We are very busy with our own research so things do take time. 

Can we reach you through any other means than Tumblr? 

You can! We have a Facebook, Twitter, and you can email us at

I asked for specific subject to be written about as a long post. Why hasn’t it come out yet? 

As mentioned above, admins are very busy with their own research and teaching commitments, so we don’t always have time at the end of the day to sit down and research and write posts for all the requests we get. There is a list which we keep updated that details all requests we have received since we started doing Suggestion Sunday and are steadily working through them. Sometimes, after some research, we find that we simply cannot write a post on it and therefore have to abandon the subject. We don’t like doing this but there is a limit to our knowledge. At other times it depends on the admin, who has knowledge in the particular subject area, to have some free time in order to become available to write the post. We lead busy lives and unfortunately our own research and students come first.

Can I suggest a topic or ask a question? 

Of course! Our ask box is always open for suggestions/questions.

Can I use the work found here in an essay?

Unfortunately the answer is no. While we’re flattered by it, we don’t allow our work to be used in essays as we have not cited anyone when writing it. We don’t wish for people to be caught out for plagiarism if we’ve quoted/paraphrased a monograph or used a website to aid us in writing. We avoid giving bibliographies because we would like our followers to research and write their work by themselves using proper academic sources. Sometimes our posts are copied from Wikipedia. Even though we’ve checked the information and found it to be correct (because Wikipedia often is nowadays!), we don’t always have time to write long posts, so copying correct information is done to save time. Of course, if you took that information this would show up in plagiarism software, and we don’t want that to happen.  

Can you help me with my homework?

No. Ancient Peoples admin are not here for homework help. We can give pointers but we will not give full answers as it goes against our ethos as researchers and academics. Plus, who doesn’t love to go to the library?

Can I join the admin team?

We do like to have a diverse range of specialisms on our team so if you have a degree or are working towards one in Ancient History and are knowledgeable about the Ancient world (with particular focus on Roman history or ancient history outside the other main two (Egyptian and Greek)) then you are welcome to join us. Just message us and we’ll talk to you.

(Admin note: We will ask you to write something for us on an aspect of the ancient world so that we can check out your writing style. This is to see a) how you write and b) where your interests lie. It’s honestly nothing personal! If we like you then this piece of writing will become your first long post with us :) Currently admin applications are closed)

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